KAHNOODLE is the mobile app/game that makes it easier for busy couples to win at love by doing more of the fun & thoughtful stuff that brought them together in the first place.
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When you first started dating, you probably did all kinds of exciting activities together – wine tasting, ice skating, river tubing, hot-air ballooning – but as you settled into the relationship, the frequency of these dates might have lessened.

This happens for many reasons. Sometimes we’re too busy, many times we’re too tired, and often we’re just plum out of interesting ideas.

That’s where Kahnoodle Concierge – a new date-planning service from Kahnoodle – comes in. We eliminate all the elements that prevent happy couples from scheduling fun days and nights together by taking on the planning and prep work ourselves so you can both enjoy a great date without all the hassle. Best of all, what we have planned for you two is a surprise so you can each experience it for the first time as a couple.

Right now Kahnoodle Concierge is only available in San Francisco and D.C., but we plan to expand to other cities soon. If you’re in San Francisco or D.C., here are five reasons why you should check us out now:

 1. We come up with the date ideas, plan and prep them. We scour all the hot sites and events so you don’t have to. 

2. We do all the booking and coordinating with venues. All you have to do is show up and have fun.

3. The date is a surprise to both of you, which reduces the burden on one or the other partner AND it adds a level of excitement that you can each anticipate.

4. We plan dates for any budget according to the couple’s schedule and availability so you can still have a great time on a budget.

5. Where possible we negotiate discounts that we pass along to you, and we’re working on a rewards network to provide exclusive discounts for members on services like BarkBox, babysitting, and more.

Kahnoodle Concierge plans everything from classy and chic dates (like evenings at the ballet) to casual and quirky dates (like drive-in movie nights or day trips to free-range zoos). Every date is specifically tailored to each couple’s interests, budget, and schedule by our live date-night concierges. 

Here’s an example of a sample date for one of our recent couples:

                                  A Night on the Town

Your date starts out at GoKart Racer located right on the San Francisco Bay in Burlingame. GoKart Racer is THE preferred go-kart racing track in the Bay Area. They have a track made for people who enjoy speeding on long straightaways, as well as one for those who prefer lots of turns and elevation changes. For a real thrill, you have the option of riding on their combined SuperTrack, which is the largest indoor track in the United States. What a great way to work up an appetite and have some exciting moments with your partner! Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license to the track. You will need it to drive. Be sure to leave the track around 8 p.m. so you will have plenty of time to drive into the city for your dinner reservation at 9 p.m. 

After you’ve raced to your inner child’s heart’s content, you’ll have dinner reservations waiting for you in San Francisco at the distinguished Bix Restaurant & Jazz Bar. Bix Restaurant is located in the Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco. Your reservation is under Brendon at 9:00 p.m. (feel free to arrive earlier for a drink at the bar. The jazz performance starts at 8:30 p.m.).

Bix is one of the top-rated romantic restaurants in the city with a rich history in jazz music and the arts. It was created by Doug “Bix” Biederbeck, a man with a passion for jazz, art, and hospitality. When we found this restaurant we knew it would be the perfect romantic capstone to your evening together. In this restaurant known for its steak tartare and martinis, you will spend the evening surrounded by stunning decor with an ambiance that is described as “pure ’30s and ’40s… reminiscent of the glory days of Cunard and French Line ships.” As fans of art, jazz, and fine cuisine, you’ll feel right at home. We’ve requested that you be seated on the ground floor so that you don’t miss a beat.  

In summary, here are your date details for your reference:

What: Go-Kart Racing & an Evening of Jazz

When: June 7, 2013, beginning at 6 p.m. (start time is flexible depending how much time you want to spend go-kart racing). Dinner reservations at 9 p.m.


GoKart Racer · 1541 Adrian Rd · Burlingame, CA 94010

Bix ·56 Gold St · (between Balance St & Montomery St) · San Francisco, CA 94133


Smart/Business Casual. Closed toed shoes recommended for the pre-dinner activity. You will be provided with racing suits at the racetrack.

Sounds like fun, right? Allow us to plan an awesome, exciting date for you and your book by visiting Kahnoodle Concierge and starting the process. We’ll ask you a few questions about your interests, what type of food you enjoy, and other tidbits about your relationship so we can craft an exclusive experience that you won’t soon forget.

Start dating again with Kahnoodle Concierge. Check it out today.

There are literally no words to describe these unfortunate video-dating profiles. Not a single word. So before you go to bed tonight, smooch your sweetie a little bit harder. Because if it weren’t for them, this is who you could’ve ended up with.

Future Kahnoodle users, they are not.

1. It’s An Easy Way to Make Your Lady Say ‘Aaaawww’

Kahnoodle has several cool components, one of which is the ability to give your partner ‘Kudos’ when they’ve done something nice for you. It’s like a virtual thank-you note but a bit more special since you have to take a minute to send it through the Kahnoodle app. The extra effort alone will make her swoon because it tells her that you recognize and appreciate what she’s done for you lately. All together now: Aaaaawww.

2. You’ll Stay In Tune With Her Emotional and Physical Needs

Part of the science behind Kahnoodle denotes seven love signs that each of you will rank individually within the app in order of importance. The purpose of ranking these love signs is so both of you can see what the other person wants and needs more of. Whether it’s Affectionate Touch, Quality Time or one of the other five signs, by using Kahnoodle you’ll always know how to please your girl.

3. Kahnoodle Koupons Will Work To Your Benefit

Kahnoodle Koupons is one of the newest additions to the app, designed to bring couples closer together through activities that you’ll both enjoy and special surprises that allow one of you to relax a bit. For instance, you can send your partner a Koupon for a night of bowling so you can spend quality time with one another, but you can also send her a Koupon that gives her a break on doing the dishes or laundry one night while you take it over. Likewise, she can do the same for you. Our Koupons are meant to facilitate a sense of appreciation between partners and always a feeling of closeness that you can cash in on however you’d like.

4. You’ll Feel Like a Boss When Your Love Tank is Full

When you’re an active Kahnoodle user, your Love Tank will fill up fast. If you start lagging behind, however, your Love Tank will start to run out of gas. Keep it topped off by being the best man you can be and you’ll feel like a boss every day of the week.

5. You Can Send Sexy Texts and Photos

With Kahnoodle, you have the capability to send private messages and photos that are for your partner’s eyes only. That way you can breath a bit easier when your nephew picks up your phone and starts pressing random buttons.

6. Planning Date Nights Will Be Much Easier

Another great Kahnoodle feature are our tips that are sent to you regularly through push notifications. These tips are designed to give you great ideas for date nights and other ‘together activities,’ for which you can take all the credit.

7. You’ll Get More Nookie

It’s scientifically proven that Kahnoodle users have better sex lives.

Just kidding. But, you can bet that your girl will be in a better mood if you’re sending her sweet nothings throughout the day via Kahnoodle.

8. Your Woman Will Finally Stop Nagging You About It

Lots of loved-up ladies have downloaded Kahnoodle since our launch. And for good reason – it’s a fun, tech-savvy way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. If your girl is one of our users – and she’s nagging you to sync up with her – just give in. It’ll end the annoying chatter so you can play ‘Call of Duty’ in peace.

9. You’ll Save Money

The Dates section of Kahnoodle is full of great ideas – and discount prices – for afternoon adventures, nighttime romance, and weekend getaways. By using Kahnoodle, you’ll not only be able to stop scratching your head trying to think of activities to do with your boo, but you’ll keep more cash in your wallet too.

10. It’s FREE!

That’s right. Kahnoodle is absolutely free to download and use with your partner. Just one more reason why you should get it today and see what all the buzz is about.


Don’t know what to get your lover boy or girl this Valentine’s Day? Let us help lessen the burden with these gifts that send a special message straight from the heart.



Rock Revival Cologne

Ditch your man’s grandpa cologne and replace it with a scent that has swagger. The Rock Revival Cologne from Buckle features top notes of juicy mandarin, fresh cardamom, and Provence lavender; mid notes of Water Fall Accord, Cashmere Woods, and freesia; and base notes of Blue Cypress, musks, rich amber, and blonde patchouli. Ya know, sort of how you imagine David Beckham might smell. ($59.95; buckle.com)


Designs by Lolita Rocks Glasses

Men are notoriously hard to buy for – especially on Valentine’s Day – but Designs by Lolita makes it much easier with hand-painted rocks glasses that cater to his sporty personality. Available in several masculine styles – like 19th Hole (golf), Rack ‘Em Up (billiards), and Slam Dunk (basketball) – these one-of-a-kind glasses are the perfect complement to any home bar or man cave. ($15; designsbylolita.com)



Send a shiver of sensuality down his spine with a Pantrygram from SendAPantrygram.com, a sweet, romantic, and sexy way to tell him how you feel this Valentine’s Day. The heart-shaped panties arrive via regular mail in a sleek black envelope with a customized note attached. Tell him where to meet you for dinner, let him know how much you miss him, or suggest that he skip the gym tonight and get his workout in at home. No matter what you say, you can be sure it’ll have his undivided attention. ($24.95; sendapantygram.com)


Dave’s Gourmet Hot Sauces

Get your guy all hot and bothered – before the lights go out this Valentine’s Day – with a selection of ouch-in-the-mouth hot sauces from Dave’s Gourmet. Choose from a variety of single bottles to create a personalized collection or pick up a pack that’s ready for gifting. The Spicy Six Pack, in particular, contains six sauces – like Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce, Scotch Bonnet Sauce, and Insanity Sauce – that arrive in a special wooden crate, while the Bugout Survival Kit comes with sauces and snacks that you two can share come Doomsday. Let the four-alarm festivities begin. ($5.99-$29.99; store.davesgourmet.com)



Ladies are lucky in the erotic pleasure department seeing as how there’s no lack of toys, instruments, and other apparatuses to get them off. But what about men? Surely they’d like a helping hand every once in a while. Enter VerSpanken, the new male pleasure pod that helps heighten his private-time experience while adding another element of fun for both of you in the bedroom. VerSpanken, designed to resemble that very special part of the female anatomy, comes in three textures in the form of gel-filled tubes that can be used as is or warmed in the microwave for a more authentic experience. ($39.99; bigteazetoys.com)



Red Twist Cashmere Wraps

It’s generally not recommended for guys to buy anything wearable for their ladies unless it’s meant for the bedroom, which is why Red Twist cashmere wraps will totally take her by surprise. Created from 100% pure cashmere, these soft, warm sweater wraps combine the perfect level of comfort and style for those lazy days at home or dressed-down jaunts out. Red Twists are one size fits all (so you can’t go wrong), and, despite the chromatic suggestion in the brand name, the wraps come in 15 rich colors. To add to the ‘Aww Factor’ when she opens the box, be sure to tell her that a portion of the proceeds helps send underprivileged girls to school. Who’s the man now? ($175; theredtwist.com)


Wild Farm Candles

If your love likes to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day, these vino-scented soy candles from Wild Farm Candles are a safe choice to add to a romantic gift bag. The eco-friendly wax-filled tins come in three boozy scents – Call Me Cab, Sassy Sangria, and Surely Chardonnay – and underneath each lid is a suggestion for a great food pairing for that particular wine. ($10; wildfarmcandles.com)


Love Voodoo Doll

Having a hard time reading your girl’s mind? Eliminate the guesswork with the Love Voodoo Doll from waldo, sluggo & ME, a fiber-filled valentine that allows your better half to pin her wants and needs to the doll for you to see. Twelve preprinted tags – like ‘Sweet Pillow Talk,’ ‘Steamy Texts,’ ‘Sexy Undies,’ and ‘Intimate Kisses’ – are included, and it comes packaged in a gift box with a clear plastic lid that can be used for display. Now you won’t have any excuse not to be the man she wants you to be, but at least you’ll avoid a potentially painful curse. ($22; waldosluggoandme.com)


Landstroms Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant

Diamonds have long been a girl’s best friend (what, you thought it was you?), which is why you’ll earn big points from your better half with something sparkly this Valentine’s Day. The Landstroms Silver Diamond Pendant from Black Hills Gold is handcrafted with a 2-point diamond nestled in a sterling-silver heart that daintily dangles from an 18” rhodium-plated sterling silver chain. In addition, this understated but elegant necklace is covered by a full warranty that will last as long as your love – a lifetime. ($65.04; blackhillsgoldsource.com)


Goodie Tins

First Valentine’s Day together? Don’t want to overdo it? Go with Goodie Tins, romantic but not-too-over-the-top tins filled with a selection of thoughtful gifts that’ll make her smile. Choose from an assortment of themes, like a Cosmo Goodie Tin, which includes ingredients for her favorite cocktails; the Goat Milk Soap Tin, for the girl who enjoys a little luxury; or the Chocolate Lover’s Goodie Tin, filled with luscious organic sweet treats. Plus, order by Feb. 12 and save 20% with code LOVE at checkout. ($39.99-$54.99; goodietins.com)




One of you is always hot while the other is freezing your feet off. Nip that problem in the bud with the Twovet, a down-alternative comforter that features a thick (warm) side and a thin (cool) side to satisfy different sleeping preferences. Each Twovet comforter is individually handcrafted in the United States to ensure superior quality and performance. Cuddle up and get cozy – just the way you like it. ($249-$279; thetwovet.com)


Light the Spark kit

After a night out on the town celebrating your love for one another, head back to the bedroom for an evening of fun and fantasy with help from the Light the Spark kit, a romantic box of sexual-satisfaction goodies that’s sure to please both parties. The kit includes an organic Madagascar vanilla candle that melts into a luxurious massage oil, a container of personal lubricant, a discreet lipstick vibrator, soft tickling feather, and a special pleasure menu to help you decide what decadent “treat” you’d like your partner to serve up underneath the sheets. Dig in. ($49.95; datenightplan.com)


Kahnoodle Koupons

First things first – if you’re not yet a user of Kahnoodle, what are you waiting for? Download the free app today and start injecting fun and excitement back into your relationship. To help up the ante, we’ve added a new Koupons component, which allows each partner to create special coupons to give to the other for things like private massages, romantic dinners, adrenaline-inducing activities, diaper duty, and more. Cosmopolitan.com, Ebony magazine, and Time.com have all given Kahnoodle their seals of approval. It’s about time you got in on the game, too – starting now.


Wine Battles

Oenophiles finally have a sport they can call their own! Wine Battles is the world’s largest wine competition where four to eight wines battle it out to become the lone champion in a tournament-style drinking competition. Each week, members open, decant and rate two wines – the scores come in real time and members are encouraged to share their findings – in order for the wines to compete in a peer-to-peer bracketed competition, similar to the World Cup or March Madness, until one emerges victorious. Scoring and choosing the correct wines improves members’ relative ranking on the website where they compete for awards. Upcoming battles include Boutique Cabernet (March 2013) and Spain vs. California Grenache (May 2013). Hands down, the most fun you can have with a fancy shmancy glass in your hand. ($413.06; winebattles.com)




It’s easier than ever before to send your sweetie a sugarcoated surprise with Sugarwish, a fun and interactive new food-by-mail concept. This innovative gift starts as an e-card sent to someone special who then redeems it online and chooses their favorite treats from over 70 candy choices that abound with gummies, chocolate, old-school staples, hard candies, licorice, and much more. Sizes range from petite Sugarwish (for the mini-sweet tooth) to classic (for regular appetites) to the ultimate Sugarwish (for that cutie candy monster in your life). The dentist is gonna love you. ($25-$65; sugarwish.com)


Make Your Own Candy Kits

Crafty culinary couples can spend tasty time together with make-your-own-candy kits from Glee Gum that include chocolate, gum, and gummy varieties. These DIY activities are natural, educational, and eco-friendly, and come with simple instructions so even novice candy makers can create edible delights to share. All the ingredients you’ll need are included with each kit, and they’re sold separately or in combo packs for three times the fun. ($13.95-$37.67; gleegum.com)


It’s January 2013 – which means that you’ve got New Year’s resolutions coming out to wazoo. We can’t help you lose weight, get out of debt, or quit smoking, but we can help you keep your goal of being a more attentive, in-tune, and committed partner at least a little longer. To start this year off right by your significant other, check out our 15 suggestions on how to be a better spouse – and then feel free to add your own.

1. Kiss each other in the morning and at night.

According to a recent study, eight out of 10 people surveyed don’t kiss their partner before going to bed, and most of us sleep with our backs toward our partners. While it’s hard to change sleeping habits to accommodate comfort, it’s very easy to kiss your partner before heading off to work or dreamland. Give your sweetie at least two smooches a day in 2013 to help bring the sexy back.

2. Say ‘I love you’ at least once a day.

In the same study, 90 percent of participants said they don’t say ‘I love you’ to their partner before going to bed. Whether it’s verbally before leaving the house in the morning or a quick text mid-afternoon, get back in the habit of telling your partner how much they mean to you on a regular basis.

3.  Make at least one night a week No-Device Night.

We live in a fast-paced world, but sometimes you’ve gotta slow things down. So you and your partner can enjoy at least a couple hours of uninterrupted honey time, turn off your devices – phone, tables, computer, etc. – and concentrate on each other for a bit.

4. Plan a surprise outing every four to six weeks.

Want to make your partner smile? Plan a special event every month or so – a concert, comedy show, or wine tasting are just a few ideas – where you two can kick back and enjoy an activity together.

5. Turn off the TV during dinner at least one night a week.

The boob tube doesn’t need to be on every time you sit down to eat. Six days a week is more than enough, so resolve to turn it off at least one night while you dine.

6. Plan at least one meal a month that you’ll cook together.

Cooking is sexy, but even sexier when it’s done together. Once a month, plan a meal you’ll both enjoy and have a great time cooking it together.

7. Double date at least once a month.

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Social Work say that double dating is beneficial to a marriage by helping solidify a couple’s sense of themselves as a unit and can increase partners’ attraction to one another. Call up your best couple friends and hit the town more often this year to increase your chances of having a better relationship.

8. Plan a quick private weekend getaway at least twice this year.

Sure, you travel, but is it specifically designed to benefit your relationship? This year, plan at least two weekend getaways for only you and your partner to relax and reconnect. It could be a mini beach vacay, a camping trip, or a weekend at the casino. Whatever it is, make it happen so you can get the quality time started.

9. Spend at least 30 seconds a day hugging each other.

Hugging is proven to reduce stress and blood pressure; lessen your chances of getting heart disease; and release Oxytocin, a hormone that allows people to connect on a deeper level. Need we say more?

10. Be keen to compliment your partner on occasion.

No one expects you to compliment them every day, but it would be nice to hear compliments more often. Be conscious in this New Year to give your partner props on a new outfit, haircut, or job well done at work.

11. Mix things up in the bedroom with toys and accessories.

If your sex life has been uneventful lately, spice it up with the addition of toys, accessories, and other fun and naughty bedroom surprises.

12. Try the new Koupons feature on Kahnoodle.

This new feature allows each of you to give the other Love Koupons for all kinds of redeemable acts of service like diaper duty, a night out on the town, sexual pleasures, and much more. Check it out now by updating or downloading Kahnoodle.

13. Help keep each other on track to reach your 2013 goals.

Give yourselves a better chance of keeping and fulfilling your resolutions this year by writing them down and helping keep each other on track and accountable. The buddy system rarely fails.

14. Discuss your fantasies and try to fulfill them for each other.

Open up more and discuss some of those steamy fantasies that really get your motor running. You never know to what heights this may take you.

15. Relax. Breathe. Be more patient.

It’s very easy to snap and snap back when your partner does something you don’t like. This year, practice more patience and understanding, learn to roll with the punches, and generally try to be nicer to each other. You’ll feel better about yourself and your relationship in the long run.

Last year we all let out Santa-sized belly laughs when Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to record their kids opening less-than-desirable gifts and then airing the you’ll-never-live-this-down results on his late-night show. Turns out that some of America’s otherwise cute little boy and girls can be ungrateful little you-know-whats when they don’t get what they want. Which got us thinking - what’s funnier than children in tantrum mode when they find out they’ve landed on the naughty list? Seemingly single people (and if they weren’t before, they are now) taking good tidings and cheer to a whole new level. Be thankful you’ve got someone special and sane to celebrate the season with, and enjoy these cringe-worthy, hilarious videos that truly are the gifts that keep on giving.

These party guests had no idea they would be treated to a private performance of everyone’s favorite holiday ballet, “The Buttcracker.”

All she wants for Christmas is two Alka-Seltzers dissolved in glass of dignity.

This happy guy is filled with the spirit, but it ain’t holy.

We’re calling fake on this video of an employee drunkenly dissing her boss, but it doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable or funny.

Tis’ the season to act like an idiot.

Thank God there weren’t any tigers in Bethlehem.

Attention all contest lovers!

Our friends at MissNowMrs.com, which helps save newlyweds over 13 hours of name-changing stress, has graciously given us FOUR of its popular Name Change Kits to give away to four lucky winners.

If you’re recently married or plan to get hitched in the near future, this contest is for you!

The MissNowMrs.com Name Change Kits retail for $29.99 regularly and they automatically fill out all the married name-change forms for you and provide details on how to file the completed forms. It couldn’t be easier to start living as a Mrs!

There’s even a helpful video to tell you all about how MissNowMrs.com works.

MissNowMrs.com has been featured in lots of great publications including Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Brides, New York Times, InStyle Weddings magazine, and many more.

To win your Name Change Kit, complete one or all of these steps:

1. Like the Kahnoodle Facebook page and leave a comment on our page with your wedding date (past or future) and how you met your partner.

2. Show us some love on Twitter by sending a tweet and including @kahnoodle and @MissNowMrscom.

3. Download Kahnoodle and start having fun with our FREE mobile app that keeps couples in tune and connected.

Easy as that. You don’t have to complete all three (we understand that not everybody has Facebook and/or Twitter), but completing each of these steps will result in ONE entry into our contest. If you complete all three, for instance, you’ll receive three entries.

Contest starts on Nov. 6, 2012, and ends on Nov. 16, 2012. Four lucky winners will be announced on Nov. 19, 2012.

Good luck - and many happy congrats on your exciting new marriage!

We love Halloween because it’s the one night of the year that we can dress up in the craziest costume we can think of - and get away with it. It’s even better when we have a partner in crime, right? We think so, and that’s why we scoured the Internet to find the craziest, cutest, most outrageous couples’ costumes out there. Take a look at the results and let us know what you think.

Don’t let our cute name fool you.  Kahnoodle isn’t just another one of those cutesy social networking apps that allows you to send virtual kisses through the cloud. Its a powerful relationship tool that combines decades of psychological research about what makes relationships work into a mobile game for couples.  Imagine taking thousands of research papers and studies and boiling them down to just the most important and salient lessons for how to make your relationship rock! That’s Kahnoodle.

But you’re probably wondering what that means?

Because we don’t ever want to be vague about our feelings for you, we thought we’d detail some of the ways Kahnoodle helps you get closer to the person you love the most. Here are four of the exciting ways Kahnoodle helps you win at love.

1. Kudos & Positive Affirmation

When your partner does something sweet, you should show your gratitude by thanking them. While we always suggest that you give them a verbal thank-you in the moment, you can also give them kudos through Kahnoodle. Kudos act as small jolts of positivity that let your partner know that their gesture wasn’t fleeting and that you genuinely appreciated it.

Relationship guru and psychologist John Gottman spent more than thirty years exploring the key factors that predict relationship success and you know what he found?

The number one predictor of relationship success was the frequency of positive comments to negative remarks.  For relationships to thrive, positive affirmations have to outweigh negative remarks by five to one.   In other words, it takes five instances of agreement and support to undo the harm caused by a single criticism.

Kudos are small doses of positive affirmation that couples using our app can give throughout the day to show their gratitude for the one they love.

2. Date Nights & Couple Time

The Date Night Opportunity Report conducted by professors at the University of Virginia show that married men and women who have “couple time” at least weekly were 3.5 times more likely to report higher levels of sexual satisfaction and to report being “very happy” in their marriages, compared with those spending less alone time with their mates.

Kahnoodle helps couples go out on more dates by making it easier for you to discover new things to do in your city and more affordable for you to go out.  Our “Dates” feature aggregates ALL the daily deals in your city so you can search through hundreds of new activities and experiences for your next date night.  We love to save money – and we know you do too. That’s why all the date activities we currently feature offer you a discount. So get out there and have a great time together – without breaking the bank.

3. Making it Easier to Communicate What you Need Most

Let’s be honest. No one likes to be the one to initiate “the talk.”  We often avoid it like the plague because we don’t want to make a fuss when things otherwise are going pretty well. Kahnoodle makes it simple for couples to communicate what they need most from their partner by allowing them to rank their Love Signs.  Each Love Sign relates to a core relationship need - quality time, sexual intimacy, thoughtful acts, affectionate touch, gifts, verbal praise and spontaneity. 

When your partner changes their love sign rankings its a great entree into having a conversation about what they need most right now and how you can meet those needs. 

4. Tips & Reminders

Running out of ideas on how to be the best partner you can be? Never fear – Kahnoodle is here! While using our app, you’ll discover lots of tips and hints on how to make your partner happy. From leaving a cute note on a fogged up bathroom mirror to making breakfast in bed, we’ve got a comprehensive stash of small, easy ways to brighten your sweetie’s day.  The best part is that each tip is customized to fit your partner’s top ranked love signs and the things they need most from the relationship.

5. Gamification & The Love Tank

We are huge fans of using games to help people achieve real life goals - otherwise called gamification.  That’s why we incorporated a gamified feature into our application - the Love Tank. The Love Tank is a visual way for you to monitor how “full” your partner is with love. Every time your partner sends you kudos for doing something sweet, the needle on your love tank will move closer from E to F. You also will unlock cool badges and real world rewards over time to keep you excited and motivated.  If you haven’t done anything sweet for your partner lately or received any words of thanks in a while your needle will gradually move closer and closer to E. That’s when our “tips” come in handy…

6. Private Messaging, Just for the Two of You

Research confirms that the extent to which you know the minutiae of your partner’s day to day life is also a strong predictor of how long your relationship will last.  Kahnoodle’s messaging feature allows you to stay connected on the details of your partners’ day even when you are physically apart.

Imagine you’re having a terrible, awful, no-good, very bad day and all you need is a quick pick-me-up from your honey that lets you know that no matter how bad things are at the office, you have a loving mate to come home to. With Kahnoodle your partner can do just that – send you sweet nothings that remind you that when the walls seem like their crumbling around you, your rock is still there to support you.

Ok, that was six reasons, not four! These are just a few of the ways that the team at Kahnoodle is working to help you  succeed at love.

To experience everything we have to offer you and your partner, download the free app now. We always love to hear your thoughts so if you have any feedback please drop us a line at hello at kahnoodle dot com or via the feedback tab in the app.

We all think we’re champions in the sack – especially us guys – but that’s hardly the case.

While some of us are in tune with what our partners like sexually, the rest of us only concentrate on what our partners are doing (or not doing) right – and there’s a lot of irony in that selfishness.

To be better lovers we must give our undivided attention to the task at hand and commit ourselves to discovering and satisfying the needs of our partners. If both partners are committed to this practice, the sex can be out of this world… all the time. Thus, there are two simple ways you can blow each other’s minds on a regular basis: by listening and by talking.

By listening for those sounds of ecstasy, you’ll learn where the sweet spots are – and hopefully make a mental note for next time. By talking about your likes and dislikes (and asking if whatever it is you’re doing feels good while you’re doing it), you receive real feedback about what’s working and what’s not working so you can ultimately improve your technique.

There are erogenous zones all over the body, but by focusing your efforts on just one or two areas (of which many of us are guilty) you’re cheating your partner out of a more pleasurable experience.

That changes today.

To help you expand your fleshy horizons, we’ve identified areas from head to toe that will turn your partner on (and get them off) when proper attention is paid.


A scalp massage by hand is a great way to work up to more risqué activities, but a scalp massage with a massager that’s specifically designed to provide cranial euphoria will make your partner’s knees buckle. As soon as the plastic-tipped prongs hit the scalp, a sensation of elation shoots down the spine while the eyes roll back into the head. Think of it like a pre-orgasm without all the mess. Dirty, but true.


Pleasing your partner in the bedroom doesn’t always require physical contact. Before you segue into your session, come dressed for the occasion in something sexy that appeals to your partner’s sense of sight. No ratty undies, gentlemen. Put on the good boxers (or briefs – they can be VERY hot when you have the right pair) before you go at it to get your partner’s blood pumping a little faster.


People get hickeys for a reason – because it feels so good when someone spends time in the neck area that they risk the chance of looking like a hooker. We’re in no way recommending that you feast on your partner’s neck – it’s never a good look (not even on a hooker) – but gentle, sensual kissing and licking can elevate the passion in an instant.


It doesn’t get much better than a soothing back massage. Straddle your partner while they’re lying facedown and give them a five-minute rubdown. Hit all the stress points – the shoulders, lower back, and middle section – and don’t be afraid to lightly run your fingers over their soft skin to provide a tinge of tingle.


Have you ever had your butt massaged, caressed, and lightly bitten? If you have, you know just how good it feels. Ask your partner to lay on their stomach while you pay attention to their bum for a bit. You may be surprised by how much they enjoy it.


Now we’re talkin’. The thighs, when caressed the right way, can make a person quiver. To watch your partner squeal with delight, run the tips of your fingers on the outside of the thighs and work your way in. If your hands aren’t soft enough (this makes a big difference between pleasure and pain), use a light, soft object like a feather to do the job. After tantalizing your partner with your touch, explore their thighs with your mouth by kissing them all over.


So many people are on their feet all day, which is why it’s unfortunate that this pleasure zone is often overlooked during naughty time. Start by massaging the feet and follow it up with a few kisses. If you feel comfortable going further – and the feet are clean! – don’t be afraid to lick and suck where appropriate. Your partner will probably wiggle and squirm at first – the feet are usually super sensitive – but that just means it feels good (unless they ask for mercy).

Exploring your partner’s body is the best way to learn what they like best and what’s really not working for them. Take the extra time when you’re having Intimate Hour in the future to test out these areas to see what works for your guy or girl; not only will you please your partner more, but you may receive the same in return. In the meantime, if you have other areas of the body from which you derive pleasure during sex that we’ve overlooked, let us know. We’re always eager to share hot tips. Happy humping!